Essex Active provides high–grade and temperature–resistant materials to ensure top performance in motors and switchers for the aerospace industry. Through established partnerships with leading developers of military, industrial, and commercial applications, we will bring solutions to you.

Commercial & Residential

Essex Active fabrication services make certain to shield magnet wire from heat and high–voltage operations of motors on furnaces and AC units, along with hermetic motor applicators, pump and compression motors, white goods, garbage disposals, and many other daily appliances.


Essex Active can support sub–fractional motors, welding equipment, plasma cutters, and more. Our manufacturing and material expertise ranges from rapid prototyping for new machinery, to die cutting, kitting and packaging, slitting, sheeting, or cutting and chopping.

Military & Defense

Essex Active has been a strategic partner to military & defense builders, helping to deliver results in the form of insulation wire for a wide range of applications, including highly engineered transformers, Generac generators that tolerate temperatures to 200℃, as well as diesel locomotive electronics.

Oil & Gas

Essex Active is involved in the upstream, midstream, and downstream aspects of the oil & gas industry by working alongside leaders in the field to create modern solutions. Our experts provide precision services for motors, generators, lighting, and downwell cabling insulation for multiple industries, including mining.

Power Generation

Essex Active supports every detail from thermal power stations to renewable energy sources. Our extensive knowledge dealing with the inner workings of power generators, distribution transformers, as well as small and mid–sized generators allows us to service instrument transformers with flexible insulation.

Power Supply, Distribution & Conversion

Essex Active has been instrumental in the fabrication and conversion services to improve the function of internal parts for transformers and low–voltage applications, as well as in the design protection that electrical and power engineering require.

Renewable Energy

Essex Active provides critical support for renewable energy sources as a way to propel a cleaner future. Our partners have benefited from slitting, sheeting, and die cut materials for solar panels and hydro generators as well as materials for precision building on each blade for wind turbine pitch motors.


Essex Active is equipped to elevate your position within the EV and hybrid marketplace by helping to save time, reduce waste, and increase efficiency with solutions for wire insulation, alternators, motors, stators and other components.

Capabilities Guide

Essex Active takes the burden of repetitive and redundant procedures that add unnecessary expenditures to your bottom line and simplifies the process. Download this capabilities guide for more information about our conversion and fabrication services.

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Electronic Insulations

Essex Active can help your business reduce liability from product failure or fire hazards and stay ahead of new developments as you prepare for the future. We ensure that your EIMs meet standards established by both the UL and the IEC.


Essex Active can offer gasket solutions with any number of materials from paper, silicone, metal, cork, felt, neoprene, rubber, fiberglass, or PTFE. We can also die cut or flash cut any material from rigids to flexible.

LED Lighting Assembly

Essex Active can help your manufacturing business keep pace while not compromising safety, integrity or your bottom line. Our solutions–based team can resolve issues by meeting the demands for high–quality products in every stage, from prototype to production.


Essex Active carries products ranging from those that can withstand the most extreme conditions: flame resistant, extreme temperatures, high humidity, UV ray exposure, and many caustic chemicals, to the simplest electrical tape applications, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from. We offer double-side, metal-backed, glass-reinforced, cloth, mica, foil, foam, paper, vinyl, and silicone rubber.

Thermal Insulation

The transfer of heat is an inevitable consequence transferring energy, wether through wound wire in a motor or magnet wire in transformer applications. Essex Active can help your business to establish an efficient insulation solution in which thermal conduction is reduced or the thermal radiation is reflected rather than absorbed to break down other components.  

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