SKC®, Inc. is the only North American division of SK Group Ltd. It produces polyester films and photovoltaic materials that are used in a wide variety of products and applications globally. The company is constantly striving to provide a best in class experience to meet its customers needs.


SKC® publicly states that it is focused on offering value in its relationships with strategic partners, enabling it to offer specialized products from films to medical supplies.


The partnership that Essex Active and SKC® has forged is based on the expertise within the film making industry of SKC® and the experience of electrical markets leveraged by Essex Active.


“Our relationship with SKC® is relatively new,” said Dave Bilbos, Production Planning & Inventory Control Manager for Essex Active. “We’ve been working with them for five or six years and we service our largest customer with SKC PET film. That launch, with our largest customer, has been very successful.


“We continue two grow and we continue to win additional business with SKC® support, their pricing, and their product.”


Together the companies have been able to create entirely new products that have helped with dielectric performance and durability.

According to its website, SKC® identifies as a global high tech material specialist, meeting the needs of its customers while exploring new challenges and pursuing excellence. SKC® continues to move toward becoming an environmentally friendly company characterized by innovation.


SKC® has continued to expand its business areas and size while growing the film and chemistry industries that remain as its core businesses. In the film area, SKC® has produced the world’s best films for displays, optical, solar cells, and environmentally friendly products following its pioneering development of polyester film in Korea.  In the chemistry business area, SKC® was the first company to open a large scale PO/SM plant in Korea, and the first in the world to use the environmentally friendly HPPO method. These endeavors have resulted in the company growing to become the leader in the Asian polyurethane industry. At the same time SKC® has fulfilled its middle and long-term growth strategies by adopting environmentally friendly inorganic materials such as secondary cells, next generation power semiconductors, LED materials and solar cell materials. These new areas act as an axis of growth and have constituted a continued focus on SKC®’s efforts to meet new challenges head on while always innovating.


With the successful development in 1977 of PET film based on proprietary technology, SKC® pioneered a new dawn in the plastic films industry. Following the establishment of large-scale plants in Suwon, South Korea and Georgia, USA, SKC® will invest in the Shenzhen Plant in China. The Shenzhen Plant will be furnished with a PET film production system capable of producing an estimated 300,000 tons by 2015. This expansion move will help raise the company’s standing as the global industry leader. SKC® has also emerged as a global optical film company that produces functional films for LCD applications thanks to the development of reflective and optical films for TFT-LCD backlight units. SKC® was also the first in the world to mass produce environmentally friendly bio-compostable film, thus playing a leading role in realizing environmental friendliness in the film industry.

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