Isovolta® Group is a global manufacturer and supplier of electrical insulating materials, technical laminates and composites. Isovolta® specializes in the synthesis and transformation of raw materials into highly reliable materials.


The company provides insulation systems for rotating electrical machines, generators, motors, and drives, as well as mica tapes and system products for generators, and manufacturing or repairing engines. It also focuses on medium and low voltage insulation materials for household appliances, cars, elevators, subways, and automatic doors.


Isovolta® is a shining example of a mutually beneficial relationship as the work Isovolta® does in both the automatic and electric industry are core to Essex Active, but the conversion services done at Essex Active helps drive costs down for the end customer.


“Our Isovolta® partnership, they are the ones with the large OEM; they provided us with alternative constructions for cost savings,” said Dave Bilbos, Production Planning & Inventory Control Manager for Essex Active. “They chose us to be their convertor. So the original discussions started with Isovolta®, directly with the OEM, and they pulled us in as the convertor. It is another good example of a great partnership.”

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According to its website, the consistent expansion of the Isovolta® product portfolio – for example, adding technical high pressure laminates for the electronics, recreation and aviation industries as well as laminates for the furniture industry – and the establishment of subsidiaries such as the company “Thermax Brandschutzbauteile GmbH” were the pillars for sustainable business growth.


The international expansion began in the mid-1980s with the establishment of production and sales locations in India, USA, China, Spain, Romania, Mexico, Germany and France.


The splitting of ISOVOLTA® into ISOVOLTA AG and ISOMAX AG in 2002 allowed a more precise focus and better concentration of business activities and thus supported the healthy growth of the ISOVOLTA® Group.


More than 1,500 employees in 18 production and sales locations in 12 countries around the world are daily expanding and consolidating the cooperative customer relationships with professional, personal and intercultural competence.

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