Essex Active has the ability to handle all laminate needs. Our team will follow NEMA standards and help you select from a wide array of material from papers or fibers as a reinforcement. Essex Active is also adept at combining PSA adhesive tapes with release liners to a wide variety of substrates. A mutually beneficial partnership will help your business improve its efficiency and reduce waste.


Industrial lamination is generally used in two markets: electromechanical, meaning the automotive industry, industrial construction, military and defense, power equipment, and in power distribution transformers, or in electronics via printed circuit boards.


Essex Active also can use either thermosetting or thermoplastic resins as a binder, depending on the projects needs.


  • one– or two–sided laminations; multi–layers, adhesive
  • widths through 48″
  • custom sheets up to 80″
  • programmable sheet layouts to virtually any dimension
  • pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA)


  • DMD, DM
  • NMN
  • RMR, RM
  • Thermavolt
  • Cequin

Markets & Applications

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