Exceeding Fabrication & Conversion Service Expectations

Essex Active is a leader in the conversion and fabrication trade; by using our custom solutions for the industrial as well as electrical marketplaces, Essex Active is the partner to help elevate your business. In our 80,000 square-foot facility — that features over 100 pieces of equipment — we can ensure safe, high-quality, customer-driven, and cost-effective services that will save your business time and money.

Essex Active offers slitting, rapid prototyping, die-cutting, laminating, wire rewinding, kitting with customized packaging, and many other services that will help you gain a competitive advantage delivering the materials, design, quality, and supply to integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing processes. 

Capabilities Guide

Capabilities Guide

Essex Active takes the burden of repetitive and redundant procedures that add unnecessary expenditures to your bottom line and simplifies the process. Download this capabilities guide for more information about our conversion and fabrication services.

Capabilities Guide
Essex Active takes the burden of repetitive and redundant procedures that add unnecessary expenditures to your bottom line and simplifies the process. Your business will benefit through the elimination of the additional staffing costs, equipment purchases, inventory management as well as storage and warehouse expenses. To find out how Essex Active can deliver results for your business, contact a representative for more information.

Rewind Slitting

Whether your business s looking to cut electrical insulation, film, laminates, fabric, foam, rubber, or most any material in between, you can rest assured that Essex Active has the machinery and manpower to make a major project go from overwhelming to out-the-door. 

Tape Slitting

If your company is in need of precision cutting, to standard or custom widths, our tape slitting services provide efficient slitting for a wide range of tape products. Essex Active also performs lathe, score, and shear slitting by single knife or zero tension as well as die cutting of copper foil with and without an adhesive backing.


If you are currently cutting your material in-house it is time to let Essex Active take over. Our team can provide drum sheeting, reciprocating, and shear cut sheet stock for both small quantity & OEM needs. We offer stock and customer specific sizes, packaged to fit your needs.


Essex Active team will help you select from a wide array of material from papers or fibers as a reinforcement. We also can combine PSA adhesive tapes with release liners to a wide variety of substrates. Essex Active will help your business improve its efficiency and reduce waste.

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Die Cutting

Essex Active uses state of the art rotary and semi-rotary die cutters, flatbed die, steel rule die, laser die, and punch presses to ensure your cutting needs are met. We are also able to offer a wide variety  of cuts for many other high volume or tight tolerance applications. 

Part Forming

Essex Active can expertly provide hot or cold part forming, as well as thermoforming.  We already lead in the electrical industry but our consultation team will work you on any specialized needs to design and develop parts.

Wire Rewind & Stripping

Essex Active conversion processes will take the pressure off of your business by sending exact sized and stripped wiring, ready to go straight into production, to your facility. Our team can strip and re-spool lead wires, tube cutting, fiberglass, and more to reduce inventory and increase productivity.

Kitting & Customized Packaging

Essex Active will work with you to design customized kitting and packing solutions. Your kitting will be produced to your specifications and shipped ready to use for efficient assembly and reduction of waste.

Cutting & Chopping

Essex Active cutting and chopping services are ideal for rigid materials, including mica and fiberglass sheets, for preparation in insulation and other industrial applications. Our high-efficiency blades and bandsaws can get jobs of all size done on time and inside of budget. 

Rapid Prototyping

The Essex Active process of fast prototyping allows your team to test each product iteration to ensure optimal design and functionality. Our experts will provide you with the resources to determine the best possible materials, parameters, and processes to make your projects successful. 

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We’re uniquely equipped to help you solve your technical challenges. Discover how our material and conversion experts can help you optimize your next project and enhance your products with custom fabrication solutions.