Essex Active, a service brand of Essex Brownell, is keenly focused on manufacturing solutions through innovative and responsive fabrications as well as conversion services. Our rich history, spanning decades across a multitude of markets and all types of applications, has proven time and again that using quality parts will make quality products.


While a statement that quality begets quality is hardly a revelation, it is part and parcel with our commitment to exceeding expectations. Essex Active is perpetually seeking mutually beneficial relationships to source the highest quality material to meet the needs of our customers.


Essex Active proudly features our manufacturing partners, such as 3M®, DuPont®, Isovolta®, and ABB®, among others, to showcase that corners will not be cut and that profitability — while important — does not supersede our reputation for excellence.

Capabilities Guide

Capabilities Guide

Essex Active takes the burden of repetitive and redundant procedures that add unnecessary expenditures to your bottom line and simplifies the process. Download this capabilities guide for more information about our conversion and fabrication services.

Capabilities Guide

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Essex Active sources the best materials available direct from the manufacturers to ensure your project is receiving the highest level of quality. Essex Active offers a range or materials and by working together with our solutions experts it will ensure you are proud of the end result.  

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