After 200 years, DuPont® enters an exciting new era of discovery, science and application development. The global team is committed to delivering value and growth by transforming how people live — from smarter homes to more efficient cars, from better ways of digitally connecting to new tools that enable active and healthy lifestyles, and from better worker protection to bio-based solutions that support a circular economy.


DuPont® creates products and services for electronics, transportation, building and construction as well as health, wellness, and food safety. Its scientists and engineers work closely with academic institutions, governments, other companies and NGOs to develop, support and sustain scientific education and research directly focused on meeting urgent global challenges while protecting the planet and its people. DuPont® businesses are organized into five categories: electronic and communication technologies, performance materials, coatings and color technologies, safety and protection, as well as agriculture and nutrition.


DuPont Nomex® is a brand that has earned the trust of manufacturers around the world by delivering superior quality and proven reliability for a wide range of electrical insulation applications.


For nearly 50 years, Nomex® has been the material of choice for electrical insulation, helping to extend the life of electrical equipment and prevent premature failures. By using Nomex® paper as electrical insulation, manufacturers of everything from transformers and generators to wind turbine systems and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) have been able to help improve the integrity and performance of their own products.


Nomex® is the product that is sold by Essex Active more than any other, and it is often asked for by name due to its mechanical strength and reputation of being the premiere insulation product for thermodynamics.


“When it comes to providing (Nomex®) we have a large supply on hand,” said Essex Active plant manager, Dan Behm. “Different sizes, different thicknesses; so availability is good for our customers.”


The relationship between Essex Active and DuPont® has remained positive and forward thinking as DuPont has worked directly with our team to share knowledge, innovate the production process and offer hands-on training to fine tune how Essex Active works directly with the product line.

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