Cutting & Chopping


The time consuming task of cutting and chopping is a tedious and expensive enterprise when it is not the primary focus of your business. Fortunately, Essex Active is able to offer a solution to the problem as our services are ideal for rigid materials, including mica and fiberglass sheets, for preparation in insulation and other industrial applications. Our high ­efficiency blades and bandsaws can get jobs of all size done on time and inside of budget.


Essex Active also offers customization that can increase efficiency and quality control while reducing inventory storage and scrap.


  • Exceptional quality control
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduction of inventory and scrap


  • Plastics
  • Fiberglass
  • Kapton
  • Glass cloth
  • Copper foil
  • PTFE
  • Nomex and many others.

Markets & Applications

Don't forget your materials.

Essex Active is the fabrication and conversion services division of Essex Brownell. It specializes in building strong supplier partnerships, reducing or eliminating redundant processes, and producing rapid prototypes while using state–of–the–art industrial technology. Essex Active is a recognized industry leader in slitting, sheeting, cutting, chopping and laminating as well as die cutting, stamping, punching and part forming. For over 50 years, Essex Active has made doing business simpler by forming mutually beneficial relationships and being active participants in thought leadership, innovation, and quality elevation.