Tape Slitting


If your company is in need of precision cutting, to standard or custom widths, our tape slitting services provide efficient slitting for a wide range of tape products. Essex Active also performs lathe, score, and shear slitting by single knife or zero tension as well as die cutting of copper foil with and without an adhesive backing.


Corporations in electronics, automotive, medical, printing, and packaging rely on Essex Active to keep up with the speed of innovation. Our machines accommodate a wide range of thicknesses and tolerances to meet your needs from transfer tape to polyimide or a specialty material unique to you.




  • custom width from .125″ to 48″
  • tolerances +/- .015″ to +/- .032″ (material specific)
  • 1″ and 3″ core IDs

Markets & Applications

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Essex Active is the fabrication and conversion services division of Essex Brownell. It specializes in building strong supplier partnerships, reducing or eliminating redundant processes, and producing rapid prototypes while using state–of–the–art industrial technology. Essex Active is a recognized industry leader in slitting, sheeting, cutting, chopping and laminating as well as die cutting, stamping, punching and part forming. For over 50 years, Essex Active has made doing business simpler by forming mutually beneficial relationships and being active participants in thought leadership, innovation, and quality elevation.