ELANTAS® is a market leader in the development and manufacturing of insulating materials for the electrical and electronics industries, specializing in products including magnet wire enamel, insulating resins, potting compounds, conformal coatings, insulating films and a wide range of specialty resin systems and adhesives for a number of electrical, industrial, aerospace, and civil applications. No matter what your challenge, be assured that ELANTAS® products will meet your most demanding needs.


ELANTAS® has released a new product to its line with the ELAN-Film® HT-180 flexible insulation, and Essex Active is among the few conversion and fabrication providers that can service a wide range of needs.


ELAN-Film® HT-180 introduces new possibilities in the field of flexible electrical insulation material applications, based on its patented, advanced PAI layer technology. The product can be matched to the performance-required specifications while operating at temperature ranges up to 200℃, to help ensure that electrical machines have a long and reliable service life.


The ability for ELANTAS® products to be so versatile is what many of Essex Active clients find to be most valuable.


“We make motor wedges out of (ELAN-Film® HT-180), we make sheet stock out of it, we make die cut parts out of it,” said Dan Behm, Manufacturing Manager at Essex Active. “(It is useful) for trials with customers; samples for customers, they have been very supportive.”


The company is headquartered in Germany but also operates manufacturing sites in six countries. ELANTAS PDG, Inc. has facilities in St. Louis, Missouri and Olean, New York.

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According to its website, ELANTAS®  is part of ALTANA, an international speciality chemicals group. Throughout the Group about 6,200 people work to ensure the worldwide success of ALTANA. In 2018, ALTANA achieved sales of more than two billion Euros.


In 2016, ELANTAS® completed 60 years of operations in India. The company manufactures a wide range of speciality chemicals in the electrical insulation and construction industries.


In pursuit of ALTANA’s global commitment, ELANTAS® develops new products and processes to meet the changing needs of customers. ELANTAS® Beck India Ltd. utilizes its strengths effectively to be a partner in our customers’ success.

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